“From MBSR to Mindful Tech”: Caitlin’s Curated SEL & Mindfulness Resources featured on 9/17/19 Live Webinar with Love in a Big World

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These are resources, bonuses, and notes from the time spent earlier today as the guest on a webinar hosted by Tamara Fyke, founder of the organization “Love in a Big World.” I’ve curated some prime takeaways here, and everyone visiting can also access a discount off your order of Mindful by Design, which has even more mindfulness and SEL exercises to incorporate into your personal life, professional world, and creative realms, with tech infused in purposeful ways.

Time Traveling in Croatia: A Mindfulness Moveable Feast

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You’re back in a particular mindframe, with a certain feeling related to a precise place and time, now encoded with the necessary fidelity to retrieve the original experience… I’m still taken back (to Croatia) in an instant when I come across certain flavors like a rich olive oil or sweet golden grapes, the scent of pines like the ones hanging over Croatian cliffs, dark needled branches like giant eyelashes, backdrop of blue sea.

“If That, Then This”: A Mindfulness Moveable Feast

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This is not the case. It cannot be. If That, then This. At very least, I’d have to cut my hair short to achieve at least a bit of that über-minimalism I’m talking about. A Natalie Portman cut—less V for Vendetta, more Hotel Chevalier. And, the times I want that simple persona most – at least when it comes to the packing – are when I’m on the road.

Mindful by Design resource: Ten Touchstones for Digital Citizenship

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If you’re asking yourself, “How can I encourage digital citizenship, mindful cultural awareness in a digital age, and active leadership in my classroom and/or community?” – you’re not alone!Here are ten gems– my personal picks that serve as some of the active touchstones for me in these arenas. […]