Join mindfulness sessions in VR, and leave refreshed, renewed, and better connected!

Virtual Reality is the ideal place to practice mindfulness, inside-out. I’ve designed a new Mindfulness Experience series focused on mindfulness and social emotional learning. Hear what participants have shared, and follow updates on the blog! These sessions are open and run as a series that can also be attended on a drop-in basis. So, for those new to the program: Arrive curious, leave connected. Read about one of our most recent sessions and stay tuned for news about upcoming sessions.

I wrote about “why mindfulness in VR is different than anything you’ve felt before” in this recent blog post, and will be continuing to run sessions that educators and community from all over the world can join.

Mindfulness Experiences in VR: Intro to Series

I’ll continue to offer these events on a regular basis in 2020 using the Virtual Reality ENGAGE social learning platform. You don’t need to be experienced in VR or mindfulness already. You just need curiosity and a VR headset. Hope to see you in the mindful metaverse with us soon! To stay updated, subscribe to the community via the signup page here, and you’ll receive special news directly from me.

And, here are a few clips from previous sessions:

Session 1: Intro to Mindfulness:

Prep behind-the-scenes:

Future dates in 2020 will be shared soon – join our members and subscribe here!