MindWise XR experiences empower you to connect with your purpose and presence.

Thanks everyone for your support as my new book, Designing Wonder: Leading Transformative Experiences in Virtual Reality is about to come out! I have been talking about concepts related to it at the recent #INConnectED conference and #CPDinVR event, and I decided to run a special short-term earlybird discount. It’s all about expanding possibilities. To access your copy:

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Designing Wonder, release date August 31, 2020

MindWise workshops, books, guides and experiences take learning and leadership to new levels. The focus is on honing presence and connection, empowering leaders to build skills in social-emotional intelligence, compassion, voice and storytelling as vehicles that you can use to transform your work and personal life.

Learn how we can work together 1:1, or how I can lead a training for your team. My recent events included the themes “Leading with Mindful Presence,” “Storytelling and Leadership by Design,” and “XR Collaboration.”

The three prime outcomes are improved relationships, wellbeing, and creative capacity (the ability to have an innovative mindset). Talk with me to discover how these sessions can meet your needs in this period of immense complexity and change.

Part of a series of MindWise XR offerings, my training experiences are typically 90-minutes, and apply research-based practices in neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, design thinking and storytelling for mastering XR leadership, learning and collaboration.

A note on tech and supported devices: You do not have to have a VR headset device to participate in MindWise XR trainings. Some XR trainings can be in a 2D environment (Zoom, for example), and for VR (virtual reality) experiences, while the experience is best using a HMD (head-mounted device), it’s also possible to join via a 2D desktop (in which case, you will want to use headphones to avoid an echo). I will train you and your team to make sure you’re all set to connect and learn valuable practices!

Feeling grounded, inspired, renewed and centered allows us to have greater capacity to innovate, create, reflect and forge powerful relationships with our teams, collaborators, learners and audiences. These skills are critical to our leadership and well-being, especially in times of heightened anxiety and stress. Virtual Reality is the ideal place to practice this type of connection, using mindfulness and social-emotional development, inside-out. I’ve designed MindWise Experiences focused on best practices in mindful leadership, creative mindsets, well-being and empowered connection. Hear what participants have shared, and follow updates here!

There are events individuals can attend, and there are custom experiences offered for individuals and teams who would like deeper engagement. So, for those new to these trainings: they hinge on connection! Read about one recent session and stay tuned for news about upcoming events.

I wrote about “why mindfulness in VR is different than anything you’ve felt before” in this article, and will be continuing to run sessions that educators and community from all over the world can join.

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