“If That, Then This”: A Mindfulness Moveable Feast

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This is not the case. It cannot be. If That, then This. At very least, I’d have to cut my hair short to achieve at least a bit of that über-minimalism I’m talking about. A Natalie Portman cut—less V for Vendetta, more Hotel Chevalier. And, the times I want that simple persona most – at least when it comes to the packing – are when I’m on the road.

Mindful by Design resource: Ten Touchstones for Digital Citizenship

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If you’re asking yourself, “How can I encourage digital citizenship, mindful cultural awareness in a digital age, and active leadership in my classroom and/or community?” – you’re not alone!Here are ten gems– my personal picks that serve as some of the active touchstones for me in these arenas. […]