Our Response to COVID-19 at MindWise

Connection is the core of what we focus on at MindWise, which involves connection inside and out. We care about the health and wellbeing of the worldwide community, and we recognize that now is a challenging period that invites us to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak in a way that is compassionate, supportive and nurturing. We will be taking a mindful pause on participating in and hosting in-person events and retreats, favoring offering support, interaction and creative expression and exploration through online programming. On that note, we believe that expression and insight are essential, and we continue to stay true to our mission, “To bring people back to humanity through connection.” This way of empowering connection involves the image of the Möbius strip, in which our inner worlds and our outer lives are connected. Parker Palmer talks about this notion of “an undivided life,” as we navigate the changes, we recognize and bridge the gaps, with intention and compassion. We also use the image of a tree, grounded and rooted in the earth, with our branches adaptive and stretching, sensing the conditions.

Thank you for taking time to explore our many online resources, services, experiences and course offerings. We will certainly announce when future in-person events are in action. In meantime, we dwell in honoring the current moment. We are connected, in this together. (Note: The graphic image at the top of this post was generated by an experiment we ran several years ago, as part of A Better World project with Charles Blass and Peter Halasi, asking others worldwide what matters most to them. These touchstones, these values, remain our compass, even and especially when the terrain of the map is uncertain.)

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