Web3 worlds of Wonder: Carroll’s Wonderland and Shelley’s Frankenstein

Wednesday 19 May 2pm PST

Event: WebXR in Carroll’s Wonderland, Faraday’s Lab and Shelley’s Frankenstein 

Speakers: Yen-Ling Kuo, Dr. Jackie Lee and Caitlin Krause with ScienceVR

Date: Wednesday, May 19th 2pm PST (60 min) 

Link: https://hubs.sciencevr.com/SNc4fuh/lewis-carrolls-logical-tea-party

Description: Join us for a WebVR revelry, fun and games! This special event is a worlds tour of ScienceVR Mozilla Hubs virtual spaces of wonder and delight to play logic games, solve riddles and explore spaces that involve fantasy. Come discover the magic in three different worlds, starting with Carroll’s Wonderland.

Event: Mindfulness Graffiti: Poetry in Motion in VR 

Speakers:  Caitlin Krause and Chris Madsen

Date: Thursday, May 20th 1 PM PST (60 min) 

Link: Mindfulness Graffiti: Poetry in Motion with Caitlin Krause and Chris Madsen

Short Description: UniVirtual Special Event: Blending Poetry and Graffiti-style Mindfulness in VR led by two of the world’s leaders in mindful immersive UX & innovation

Description: Come join an experience that blends poetic inspiration with mindful reflection and artistic graffiti-style engagement, led by two of the world’s leaders in mindful immersive user experience design and innovation. Caitlin Krause and Chris Madsen have been teaming together for years, giving mindful journeys deeper resonance in VR. Caitlin Krause studied poetry and expressive therapy as part of her training in mindfulness practices, and Chris Madsen also has a rich history in therapy expertise. These two experience architects are coming together to take you on a sensory journey that’s sure to delight your senses and spark creativity at the same time.

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