Health, Wonder and Wellbeing: Foundations and Transformations this May 2022, Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2022, Caitlin Krause’s MindWise events for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s time to destigmatize the term “mental health” and make these sorts of experiences accessible, fun, and interactive. Wonder and wellbeing are part of the equation, in a way that’s uplifting and true. This is part of why I love working as a speaker, author, mentor and guide in both physical and digital spaces. I can meet people where they’re at, and help them cross a bridge to a place with more energy, more capacity, and more creative agency. Change and transformation is always possible, and it starts right here, with foundations of our attention and intention. May is about that rejuvenation.

My calendar is chock full of open-to-the-public talks and workshops this May in physical, online, and 3D spatialized (metaverse) environments. I prioritized making them accessible so that you can take part and have a taste. If you’re curious about digital experiences in the metaverse, this is the perfect time to jump in! If you would like to join us, many of these events are open and free to access. It would be lovely to see you there.

Before we skip straight to that calendar – which is below for anyone who wants to jump ahead – let’s catch up because there’s been a lot of activity this springtime, and much to appreciate.

In February 2022, I was nominated for both the WebXR creator of the year and event of the year, for a Frankenstein metaverse event series I hosted in honor of Mary Shelley. Also, our project with the Smithsonian and Cooper Hewitt Museums, in collaboration with ScienceVR, was highlighted on their design page, and we showcased our social-emotional game structure in a 3D online environment. 

In March, I spoke at South by Southwest about the Language of Emotion: Designing for Engagement alongside amazing scientist-artists Sophia Batchelor, Jude Dai, and Nicole Lazzaro. Our talk is now online in audio format here.

I’ve also been giving keynotes, workshops, and helping leaders and teams build their metaverse fluency, digital wellbeing, and creative capacity. One recent highlight was hosting a dialogue at the Wisdom 2.0 summit, where we gathered together in physical form as a form of tribrid connection. 

Certainly, that tribrid unity is alive and well, intentionally folded into the design of MindWise FlowCamp experiences. I’ll be sharing more about FlowCamp soon! It continues to emerge as the mindful metaverse for wonder and wellbeing. 

If you would like to join me this May, here are the calendar dates and details for drop-in events created with you in mind:

5/18 – 10 – 10:45am, online
Mindful Metaverse: Digital Wellbeing in Social and Spatialized Contexts
An interactive online workshop, meet on Zoom, jump to the mindful metaverse from there.Register in advance:

5/18 – 2 PT, physical 
Wellbeing in the Stanford Sculpture Garden: Physical-meets-Digital Wellbeing: A Practice in Wholeness
An in-person gathering in honor of mental health awareness month

5/20 – 3:30 PT, virtual
Caitlin Krause’s “Ask Me Anything” at the Mindful Moon Garden in WebXR
An AMA with Caitlin in honor of mental health awareness month 

5/20 – 4 PT, virtual
Meta’s Horizon VR Community Event: Pre-Session Gathering
A virtual immersive gathering hosted by Caitlin Krause in honor of mental health awareness month

5/23 – 2 PT, online 
Mindful Metaverse: Digital Wellbeing in Social and Spatialized Contexts
An interactive online workshop for the Stanford community in honor of mental health awareness month

MAY 25 – 5 PT, online
Talk at AWE NIGHT Portland: Entering XR – Building a metaverse with intention, community, & meaning

5/27 – 4 PT, virtual
Meta’s Horizon VR Community Event: Moon Garden for Mental Health with Caitlin Krause
A VR immersive gathering in honor of mental health awareness month. To attend this event, sign up here and then join in Meta’s Horizon social VR platform. 

MAY 29 – 10am PT, online 
KEYNOTE for iLRN: The Future of Innovation depends upon Adaptive, Resilient Mindsets

Looking forward to spending time together, practicing what is essential, vital, and transformational.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

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