Mindful by Design

Cultivating Aware, Advancing, and Authentic Learning Experiences

Take mindfulness beyond the buzzword and spark powerful learning environments!

In a busy world full of distractions, mindfulness is about being present in everything we do. This must-have resource explores how mindfulness can improve mindset, practices, and quality of learning, promoting the development of future-forward skills including creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, and communication. Readers will learn how to cultivate a personal mindfulness practice that reflects their individuality, and how to create a community of care and respect through mindfulness, inviting learners to seek more authentic interactions with themselves, information and technology. And with each other.

Mindful by Design provides 24 detailed exercises, including step-by-step mindfulness lessons embedded into specific areas of curriculum, ready to implement immediately. Filled with practical, accessible explanations and applications that are adaptive and engaging, this book demystifies mindfulness and empowers each individual to embrace a personal mindfulness practice and inspire powerful learning environments.

Mindful by Design is a guide to well-being, a practical resource, and a creative call-to-action, as Caitlin Krause helps readers to bridge the gap between prioritizing true connection and achieving it.

Leah Weiss, author of How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind; Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Krause shares valuable strategies that will help any educator, coach, manager, or learning professional bring out the best in those they serve.

Dorie Clark, adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and author, Entrepreneurial You and Stand Out

Mindful by Design is a valuable and inspiring guide, offering generous insights and practical advice for those seeking to center, strengthen, and clarify their efforts both in and outside of the classroom.

Dinty Moore, author, The Mindful Writer

Readers will gain valuable strategies and insights, including:

  • How mindfulness can benefit them, their teams, and their environments, creating a community of care and respect
  • How mindfulness helps learners develop 21st century skills
  • 24 ready-to-go exercises to implement right away